James C. Shearer Co. was established in 1953. Our company has a reputation as one of the premiere plumbing specification representatives in our region. We have diverse experience with fixtures and trim, waste and vent, sump and sewage sizing and application and domestic hot water needs.

Company strengths include location as our office is in the center of the state of Kentucky allowing us to be anywhere in the territory quickly. Understanding the products and market allows us to provide technical support to engineers, contractors, wholesalers and consumers. Mechanically minded staff offer phone and field assistance in times of need.

Meet Our Team

<h2>Dan Vittitoe</h2>

Dan Vittitoe

Cell: (502) 639-6350
<h2>Steve Vittitow</h2>

Steve Vittitow

Cell: (502) 639-8173
<h2>Jason Taylor</h2>

Jason Taylor

Cell: (502) 645-2970
<h2>Michele Ash</h2>

Michele Ash

Cell: (304) 550-4007

Conveniently Located in Bluegrass Industrial Park